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ESMO 2011. [more..]

Head and Neck Cancer Symposium

Head and Neck Cancer Symposium, Dubai, July, 2011. [more..]

International World Congress of GIT Tumors

International World Congress of GIT Tumors. [more..]

New Arabic Set for Cancer Prevention and Breast Cancer

معلومات باللغة العربية عن الوقاية من السرطان و سرطان الثدي. [more..]

Dr. Emad Shash is Back to Clinic

Dr. Emad Shash is Back to Clinic. [more..]


Prof. Mohamed Abdulla Oncology Clinic (Oncology Clinic)
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Welcome to our web site

 It is a pleasure to me and the staff members of Oncology Clinic to welcome you. From day one, we decided that we will act positively and pay all of our efforts and attention to build a way of trust and sympathy with all patients presented to our clinic either for consultation or treatment. Over years we had changed the concept of doctor-patient relationship to be friends caring in a professional manner.

 Today and through this page, we are going to have a better way of communication all time. This web page is going to offer all the up-to-date information regarding the patient’s education as well as the family and general population of how to deal with existing case and what are the established protocols of early detection and screening of cancer.

 Also there is a special area for oncologists and health care professionals where they will find review articles & publications as well as downloadable presentations by distinguished colleagues in the art of oncology aiming at keeping the visitors of this website updated with what’s new in the field of cancer management and the accepted standards of care for cancer patient. We promise that will pay all our efforts to achieve the viewer’s satisfaction.


 Cancer is simply an un-controlled growth and division of any cell leading to big number of cells that might resemble the mother cell in some of its appearance but having an abnormal behaviour and function. It can invade the surrounding tissues and organs. Moreover, exclusive to cancer cell; that it is able to migrate through the blood vessels to travel to a far away tissue or organ to stay their and growing into many cells leading to loss of function of that organ and hereby is the ugly face of disease where we have a threatened life and bad repetition of disease and its therapies [more..]

It is Never True That  Nothing More Can Be Done

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