Prof. M. Abdulla

ESMO 2011. [more..]

Head and Neck Cancer Symposium

Head and Neck Cancer Symposium, Dubai, July, 2011. [more..]

International World Congress of GIT Tumors

International World Congress of GIT Tumors. [more..]

New Arabic Set for Cancer Prevention and Breast Cancer

معلومات باللغة العربية عن الوقاية من السرطان و سرطان الثدي. [more..]

Dr. Emad Shash is Back to Clinic

Dr. Emad Shash is Back to Clinic. [more..]


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Prof. M. Abdulla

 ESMO 2011.

 Prof. Mohamed Abdulla will be out of office from 22-09´2011 to 27´09´2011 to attend ESMO meeting in Stockholm. He will be back to clinic on 28´09´2011

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